Thursday, August 12, 2010

How is your attitude - Attitude works

Once upon a time the temple was being built at some place. A man passed from the way where the temple was being built. The man asked the labor, who was breaking the stone that, "what are you doing?". The man said angrily that, "can’t u see that I am breaking stones? Are you blind? Don't you have eyes?" The man move ahead and he saw one other man who was also breaking the stones, so he asked that second person that, "oh my friend what are you doing?" that second person replied with sadness on his face, while breaking the stone with hammer, "I am earning bread for my wife and children", and started again to break the stones.

Then after that man move bit more ahead and he saw a person beside the temple was murmuring something. That man asked to the man who was breaking the stones, "What are you doing friend?"

The man said that he was building the God's temple, and started again murmuring. All three persons were doing the same work of breaking the stone but all of their attitude towards their work were different. The third labor was enjoying his work.

All three labors were doing the same work, but third labor was doing his job as worship, so he was happy. There are very few people in the world who loves their work in life. Those people who love their work only can achieve success with happiness.

Each and every one can get success in the world, who gives up him self for work. The work whatever we do, how is our attitude towards it, that’s the question. And when we change our attitude, our behave change, our whole output will change automatically.